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The Cardboard Sign Project

A non-profit trying to build a network of helpers to help those in our cities who use cardboard signs to solicit help. Cross-platform native app available on iOS & Android provides a real-time notification and mapping system to support the users to respond and report.


U/X, Custom Native App Development on iOS & Android, Custom Backend App.

U/X & Digital Stategey

We sat down with the client working closely to document ideas and requirements at the early stage to understand and define their ideal users and their preferences by creating the initial product strategy.

We tested early prototypes and continue to update the future product roadmap based on real-time findings through user feedback and data analysis.

Native App Development

Through our early product strategy, we needed to build this application for cross-platform iOS & Android to get this app in as many hands as possible which means having it available in each app store.

We decided to leverage a technology called React Native which provides a very powerful native device cross-platform development toolset. React Native gives us the ability to write one code base for both app stores.

The specific goals were to give users a seamless login and register. So we implemented Facebook connect and Google Sign in. Once the user registers we store authentication on the device so they don’t need to log in each time they use the app making for a good user experience as they need to create cases while stopped at intersections. This gave the app a very responsive and timely interaction.

Mapping and location-based services were something we needed to create as the underlying functionality.

Being notified through a push notification to cases nearby that could be assigned and tracked while including driving directions from the user’s current location. Time and distance were also incorporated to provide in real time when and where the case is being tagged to the map.

Backend Application

As with most mobile apps, we need something to store information past the device so we developed a custom API leveraging new serverless technology called LAMBDA which acts as our API and database for storing value-key data.

The main benefit with leveraging AWS/LAMBDA was not having to orchestrate server instances as they are a pain to maintain and keep track of.

This gave us an affordable, scalable and easy to manage and deployment of new code.

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